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"It's All Right"

From the Movie SOUL

Arr. Robert T. Gibson

Words and Music by Chris Mayfield

"Friend Like Me"

From the Movie Aladdin
Arr. Mac Huff
Words and Music by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken

Directed and Choreographed By

Jaelyn Hence, Student Teacher

"The Wellerman"

Arr. Rodger Emerson
New Zealand Folksong

Soloists: William Washburn, Jeremiah Snyder, Daniel Gallagher, Brodyn Zick, Marcus Cupp, Martin Porter, Fletcher Kahle

"I'll Make a Man Out of You"

From the Movie MULAN

Arr. Rodger Emerson
Words and Music by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel

Soloists: Jeremiah Snyder, Fletcher Kahle, Judah Smith, James Sue,Daniel Gallagher, Drevyn Fivecoats

"Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride"

From the Movie Lilo & Stitch

Arr. Mac Huff
Words and Music by Alan Silvestri and Mark Keali'i Ho'oMalu

Soloists: Kyleigha Thomas, Brook Alexander, Caitlyn Sanders

"Burning Love"

From the Movie Lilo & Stitch

Arr. Kriby Shaw
Words and Music by Dennis Linde

Choreographed By

Jaelyn Hence, Student Teacher

(Choral Highlights)

Arr. Mac Huff
Words and Music by Kristen and Robert Lopez

Descant Soloists: Amaya Zolman, Selah Derby, Leyla Wesley, Etienne Renet, Judah Smith, Josiah Trammell, Martin Porter

Kennedy Smith as Anna
Joslyn Sutton as Mother
Sean as Kristoff
Fletcher as Olaf
Meriah as Elsa

Choreographed By
Zachariah Jones

Blocking by 
Sam Rubey, Katharine Robey, and
Isaac Denniston

Combined Titations and Titan Singers
You've Got a Friend........................................................arr. Mac Huff
Jonah Smith, accompanist




Tonight's concert is dedicated to a group of students that are truly special to me. This is not an act of favoritism but more an act of gratitude. In my first 3 years as a teacher I have made many BOLD mistakes, had some challenges, and have learned a lot. The group that has been there for all of this since my first day of teaching is our 8th graders. Tonight will be their final concert as an active member of the Titan Choirs. It has been a joy to watch them grow from the 6th graders they were when they first entered my class room into the 8th graders that are about to leave my classroom. So tonight as all our choirs share music that they have worked hard on this year, let this also be a time to celebrate our 8th graders.  What this program has become is thanks to them.
Thank you so much students for being my first full group of middle schoolers. Keep making BOLD mistakes!
~Mr. D

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